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Innovative Asthma Treatment

Asthma and other respiratory diseases are becoming more common

Aerosol Technology

Aer Beatha's carbon dioxide regulator technology for inhaled aerosol devices changes the status-quo in non-pharmaceutical aerosol applications. The regulator system was designed to be used in metered dose inhalers, with carbon dioxide replacing the high global warming hydrofluoroalkanes.

Non-pharmaceutical aerosol applications of Aer Beatha's regulator technology include; industrial, household, personal care, insecticide, janitorial and professional sprays. Our carbon dioxide technology can replace flammable and volatile organic compound propellants in these sprays.

Our dual chamber liquid carbon dioxide propellant system transforms compressed gas spray technology. The system consists of a high and low pressure chamber connected via a regulator. The regulator tops up the gas pressure in the low pressure chamber as the products is sprayed. This solves the long standing problem of pressure drop encountered in compressed gas sprays. The system is designed to be refilled and reused.

Aer Beatha's technology transforms aerosol production, removing flammable propellant storage tanks, production filling lines and the explosion risks in handling and storage.

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